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Brooding Hope – One

Jan 29th, 2017 by Mary | 0

Lady Liberty and Her Daughters

Mary Heron Dyer, January 24, 2017

“A small child,
Hand held by stalwart father,
I tilt my head up, stair upon stair spiraling up –
to my childish eyes –
beyond my sight,

“perhaps beyond the strength of my small legs….
I begin, one step at a time, rising higher and higher.

“Tiring, I hold on more tightly to father’s hand,
still clasped in mine,
until at last, as we near the crown,
he bends to pick me up,
settling me securely on his shoulders.

“At long last, we arrive,
looking through her crown to the city laid out below¸
the harbor’s sparkling waters
drawing generations seeking shelter from life’s storms —
a new beginning,
welcomed to this new world,
uplifted torch lighting their way.

“Now, an Emperor Without Any Clothes
forces a new crown upon his own head,
replacing promises with threats,
tweeting insults far into the night,
building walls that separate,
sowing division and spewing hatred for the other.

“The very stones that led generations upward to the torch of liberty
are now being dismantled –
to be shipped off to build a wall
to keep out those no longer welcomed here.

“I stand here now, an old woman,
at the foot of the stairs that beckoned me upward long ago.
Shoulder to shoulder with millions of others –
young and old, we share our bread.

“Our only “weapons” knitting needles
and yarn the colors of the rainbow,
patterns as yet forming in our heads,
inchoate songs breaking on our lips,
prayers yet taking shape in our hearts.

“Do we have the strength
to climb these stairs again,
perhaps to a new and better place?

“The stairs are high and daunting.

we link our arms,
and with songs rising in our hearts,

we begin.”


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